3 of the most popular ways to advertise

There are many ways to advertise but here are Bright Advertising’s top 3 which can help to capture your target audience:

1. Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising comes in many sizes from posters to billboards, adlifts to bus shelters. These are just a few tricks to advertise successfully using 'out of home' (OOH).

Pick a specific location or route you know your target audience visits, whether a weekend shopping spot or train station on the morning commute.

The Outdoor Media Centre identified that people are 33% more alert when out of home, highlighting that OOH advertising is a great way to catch someone’s attention whilst they are out and about. Research by Mediacom also found OOH advertising is not season dependent making it an effective way to advertise a brand all year round.

Sites are often booked in 4-week blocks although they can be taken on an annual basis. By having a stimulating advert, with large text and a good visual, you can successfully increase your brand awareness or advertise your specific event.

2. Digital advertising

Digital adverts are a smart method for advertising as they target a potential customer whilst they are on their online journey. Digital ads work well alongside more traditional print adverts to help raise your brand awareness and give you a multi-channel approach to advertising.

Digital campaigns are also very customisable. The number of impressions your advert will be served to or clicks to your website can be decided and you can choose your audience demographic, whether that be a parent, an ABC1 household or people who live in specific geographical locations.

As the adverts can be monitored, you are provided with statistics on how well they performed. A strong call to action and memorable visual will encourage people to click through to your designated landing page.

including online targeted advertising...

These adverts can either be served on one website such as the homepage of your local job board or follow the user across multiple sites. Examples include MPUs and banner adverts. It’s best to design these adverts with minimum text and a large version of your logo. Although space is limited, they are great for getting your brand out there.

don't forget social media...

Use social platforms to explain more about your event or product in detail. Coupling the text with eye catching photos and a powerful call to action will draw attention to the post. The post can be set to a specific budget. allowing you to track the monetary success per click through to your website. With 45 million social media users in the UK (67% of the population) as reported by We Are Social in 2019, is it a great market to tap in to!

3. Direct Mail

Direct mail and door drops are a highly targeted method of advertising whilst still being cost effective. A target audience is specified eg. ABC1 parents with children under 11, along with specific locations or distance from a postcode. Using these criteria, the number of homes which match the target audience are calculated. If the locations chosen are found to have a low density of target audience, a bespoke map can be planned.

The campaign can be tailored to suit any budget and you can decide on the size of the item that will be sent out. At Bright, we suggest a double sided A5 leaflet is best, leaving enough space for all the important text and contact details along with a memorable graphic or photo.

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