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Building a school’s reputation in a social age

Updated: Feb 17, 2020 It is testament to the age we live in that no matter how loudly you shout, there will be very few people outside of your immediate organisational circles who will hear you. ‘You have the best student experience’, you say? What’s that? Your students are setting the pace for academic brilliance? Fabulous. [...]

Showcase your school for recruitment

Whether candidates come directly to your website specifically looking for an opportunity to start their career, or seek a promotion with you having, or course, heard about your good reputation – or have found you from your advert on an external job board, it’s important to draw them in and keep them interested and to [...]

3 of the most popular ways to advertise

There are many ways to advertise but here are Bright Advertising’s top 3 which can help to capture your target audience: 1. Outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising comes in many sizes from posters to billboards, adlifts to bus shelters. These are just a few tricks to advertise successfully using 'out of home' (OOH). Pick a specific [...]

Is a predominantly free service, that also saves you money, too good to be true?

It may sound a little cliché but the main question that we get when pitching our recruitment media services is “what is the catch?”. Bright Advertising will purchase, on your behalf, the recruitment media you require, we post the job roles to that media and we often get the media for you at a reduced [...]

Answering your Indeed Questions

What is Indeed and how is it different to other job boards? Indeed takes job adverts from individual company websites to provide job seekers with access to millions of jobs in one place. As such, employers reach relevant talent for every type of position. Their pay-for-performance pricing model means you only pay when you get [...]

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