Monthly questionnaires

We have worked with the charity, Mind, to write questions that promote high response rates on key topics. Using expert advice and templates of questions to adjust as you see fit, you can make the model work perfectly for your organisation. We will also work with you to set how often the survey goes out. 


Following on from your ten chosen multiple choice questions is always a free text box, so you really know what your students are thinking, as it gives them a platform to voice any issues they may be having.


You’d be surprised how honest people are on their devices. With our platform, your designated Wellbeing Officer can see exactly who has answered negatively or flagged up any issues that require urgent attention. We find this is a vital feature of the product, as without knowing who is at crisis point, how can you help them?  

What to do with the responses?

We can point you in the direction of those who can help structure your internal process of acting on the information you gather, as without that – there is no point. You need to allow time for your Wellbeing Lead to take positive action and make change and we will support you with this and advise on implementing the Bright Minds product when ready.


 It is not always a negative cycle, as some issues are small and can be sorted the same day. The tool is, importantly, there to prevent these matters from escalating to crisis point. We help you with planning in a bespoke calendar of surveys across your academic year– really considering times of peak stress in your school for students and staff based on your past learnings.  

Mental health is important for a happy life. It is applicable to all, from protecting the wellbeing of a child that we nurture, all the way through until our later years. Mental health also happens to link with the success of your educational organisation. Do you promote a caring and nurturing environment for the thriving success of the next generation? No pressure! How do you check-in with your students on a regular and meaningful basis? 


Bright Minds is a tool that allows you to prioritise who needs your time most. It isn’t always easy to know who might be struggling, as sometimes those who sit in the background are in need of a friendly conversation most. We provide a simple software for your educational organisation to send GDPR compliant, bespoke email surveys to check in and make sure the right help is there for your students and staff, before crisis point. The mobile friendly tool receives over 73% engagement rates, as our interactive emails are very quick and easy to use.  

Who sees the information?

All data is encrypted on an Amazon Web Server, so it is secure and safe. You can have several super users within your organisation, for instance, the staff member in charge of Wellbeing alongside your Leadership Team. You can then break this down via boarding house or line manager, so only the relevant people see details on the staff or students. This will help them to keep an eye on the responses and respond in a timely manner to book in a friendly chat when needed.


How much does it cost?

Bright Minds is very affordable, as happiness should be for everyone. It is charged per user/per year so please get in touch today and we can quote you straight away. We will help you set up the tool with your logo and branding, load in the questions you would like and set up relevant user access as suits your organisation – every client is unique and can use Bright Minds to enable better mental health for your people. We believe Bright Minds could change the world – as all it takes is starting with one conversation that matters. 

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The Bright Minds tool is powered by GoVox – the science behind the software. The GoVox team have been working with organisations such as:














We can work with you today to establish how Bright Minds can help assist with better mental health in your organisation, and together create a happier place for everyone.  

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