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Best Practice Recruitment

Recruitment can be carried out in an infinite combination of different processes and practices. Although each recruitment campaign is always unique, there are some core pieces of best practice that have formed over time.

As laws, society and skills are constantly evolving, so does recruitment best practice. This course focuses on how you can ensure that you are recruiting in the right way for your organisation's needs and plans. From analysing the job requirements to providing a candidate with a job offer.

Including 8 Modules:

Job Analysis

Recruitment Planning

Recruitment Marketing

Candidate Sourcing


Giving Feedback

Assessment and Selection

The Offer Stage

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What you will learn

How to work out who you need to recruit

Getting your plan right saves time and money in the long run. From analysing your post requirements to constructing your Job Description and Specification. Make sure your foundations are right before starting your campaign.

Where to find your ideal candidates

Each recruitment campaign is unique so it is important to make sure your candidate attraction methods are appropriate. Know your audience, where they can be found and how best to interact with them.

Best practice assessment and selection

Whether you have five candidates to consider or a hundred it is essential you assess them fairly, accurately and against the right criteria. Get this right and you put yourself on the right path for a successful hire.

How to successfully offer candidates

After a lot of effort will have been input into a recruitment process so it is vital that your chosen candidate accepts your offer. Find out how you can significantly improve your chances.

Applying the course to your organisation

Bright understands that each organisation is unique. We want to ensure that you are able to successfully apply the topics in this course to your organisation and so each enrolee receives a detailed consultation once they have completed the course.

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Need help deciding if this course is right for you?

We want everyone to have the best possible learning experience and this means making sure they are selecting the right course for their required learning outcomes.

Suggestions from our team

"Whether you are recruiting for a large, multinational, organisation or a small, UK based, school we have built this course based on experience across the complete spectrum.

As the title suggests, this course is based on the very best recruitment practices. Drawn from a vast number of recruitment campaigns, multi-industry knowledge and a network of our favourite recruitment experts.

We look forward to speaking with you as part of your free consultation at the end of the course!"

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

"Recruitment is an ever evolving world and it is hard to keep on top of everything. This is especially the case when recruitment forms just part of your job role.

All of us at Bright have enjoyed inputting into this course, from the resources you can download throughout to the tips and advice.

Whether you are a current client of Bright's, a future client or just a looking to improve your recruitment skills, we are confident this course will give you a large boost in your recruitment capabilities!"

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager at Bright

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