Cultural Fit

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Recruiting for Cultural Fit

It is essential to consider what values your new hire will need to have to fit in well with your organisation's values, goals and employees.

Although it requires careful change management, it is always important to consider the culture you want for your organisation, not just the culture you have.

How to recruit for the culture you want

What is the impact of poor cultural fit

Who is responsible for cultural fit

What you will learn

What is cultural fit

Find out what cultural fit means and why it should be a key part of your recruitment strategy.

How do you achieve cultural fit

How do you recruit people that share the organisation’s beliefs, values but are still diverse in as many ways as possible.

How to identify the right culture

Find out how to consider external and internal influences that drive the need for a particular culture.

Onboarding and induction

Learn about how cultural fit can be weaved into your onboarding and induction process.