Is a predominantly free service, that also saves you money, too good to be true?

It may sound a little cliché but the main question that we get when pitching our recruitment media services is “what is the catch?”. Bright Advertising will purchase, on your behalf, the recruitment media you require, we post the job roles to that media and we often get the media for you at a reduced rate. We do all of this for free by taking commission from the media suppliers that in return get their products marketed on their behalf. We use our multiple connections within the recruitment media sector to get the most appropriate packages, trials of products and best deals. 

How does our recruitment media service look? 

1. For each job role we will provide the best media recommendations as to where to advertise your job post with estimated costs.

2. We will negotiate on your behalf and purchase the approved advertising media. With our agency discount and buying power we can save you money.

3. Proof reading before posting is included in our service. Posting of job adverts is free with a small admin fee for client amends only being charged for changes you require once the advert is live. 

4. We can incorporate relevant text from your employer brand into the vacancy advert as needed.

5. When placing similar roles in the future we use statistics from the media to analyse previous performance. This allows us to optimise where the new role is placed, often reducing the cost further.

6. Where required, writing of adverts is £180 per advert.

How do we make informed decisions?

Data is becoming increasingly important for our clients and we will regularly share how your job adverts are doing. With frequent monitoring of job posts we ensure that your money is being efficiently spent. 

On top of this we have the benefit of seeing where hundreds of job roles are advertised each month which gives our clients an advantage when competing for talent. With advertising packages becoming more and more complex, Bright Advertising uses this knowledge to advise not only where to post the job role but what type of credits, sponsorship and packages would be best suited.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how we can support you with your recruitment so please do get in touch. 

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