Candidate Sourcing​

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing is an important part of an organisation's recruiting strategy. Traditionally it is focused on advertising roles, searching candidate databases and approaching candidates through Social Media.  ​

Recruiters who actively source candidates take an approach to go directly to candidates, rather than waiting for the candidates to come to them. Although it can be time consuming, active candidate sourcing can help to reduce time-to-fill and cost per hire.

Candidates found through this method also tend to be a better fit as the recruiters will have already conducted an initial screening of the candidate's skills and experience.

When searching for candidates it is also possible to invite candidates to a talent pool, potentially helping to cover current and future hiring needs in one process.​
At the end of this module you will be able to:

Select the right sourcing methods for your recruitment campaign

Create a talent pipeline for future campaigns

Tailor your candidate sourcing to your goals

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What you will learn

How to source candidates for free via six different methods

In the majority of cases budget will place restrictions on your ability to source candidates. We provide six free options to give your recruitment a boost.

The advantages of different candidate sourcing methods

Knowing the advantages of each sourcing method will help you pick the right one. From referrals to recruitment fairs and talent pools, each option has a unique set of advantages to utilise.

How to build a stronger recruitment future for your organisation

If your organisation is looking to progress then it is important that you are not only able to source candidates for your current campaigns but are also prepared for future recruitment needs.

Which social media tools can streamline your candidate sourcing

There are a number of tools and platforms to help you source candidates. We have selected our top four places that we recommend everyone considers.

Our team's top tips for this module

"If you have a lot of recruitment at your organisation it is important that you carefully select which campaigns to put extra effort into. Some campaigns simply require a strong advert to source candidates, whilst others require hours of active sourcing.

Looking back to similar campaigns will help tell you if you need to actively source candidates. If you haven't recruited for a similar role before then it is well worth contacting some job boards, either directly or via an advertising agency, to collect some statistics about the size of that talent pool."

"Candidate sourcing is a large part of recruitment best practice because it allows recruiters to attract the best candidates to their job vacancy.

70% of the global workforce are passive candidates, not actively looking for new positions. It is often difficult to engage with this pool of potential candidates unless you actively approach them.

Active sourcing helps you attract candidates that tend to be a better fit for your job post."

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

Julie MacGiffin
Recruitment Account Manager

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