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Early Careers Recruitment

In today’s early careers recruitment market, organisations need to be able to adapt to a variety of changing factors. From increasing numbers of applications to innovative new techniques for engaging and attracting the best candidates, organisations need to be able to ensure their teams are able to maximise opportunities.

A best practice approach to early careers recruitment requires an organisation to develop, and implement, a clearly defined strategy.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Select from graduate, apprenticeship or internship programmes based on your organisation's needs

Pitch the benefits of early careers programmes

Build a pipeline of early careers talent

As part of your enrolment to this course you have access to two consultations to help you implement all you have learned.

These can be at any stage by contacting Bright with your availability. If you are ready to book your consultation at this stage please click below.

What you will learn

What the difference is between apprentices, interns and graduates

Each early careers programme has different advantages and disadvantages. Find out which ones are best for your organisation and how to make the most of them.

What the Apprenticeship Levy is

The Apprenticeship Levy only applies to some organisations but for those that it does it can be a great source of talent and training.

Why you should consider early careers recruitment

Early careers recruitment is only one way to source talented individuals for your organisation. Find out what the advantages can be if early careers recruitment is done right.

The best early careers attraction methods

There are lots of commonalities with traditional recruitment but also some big differences. Without adjusting your approach to fit in with early careers talent you could be missing out.

Our team's top tips for this module

"Taking candidates that have just started down a particular career path and mixing them with experienced employees can have some amazing advantages.

Early careers candidates allow you organisation to have diverse approach to projects, marketing, learning and the marketplace. They will bring in fresh ideas, new perspectives and new ways of working and in return they receive development, training and experience."

"There are three core methods of introducing early careers to an organisation and it is important to pick the right one for your organisation's needs.

Even if you plan to use all three, it is best to start with the most appropriate programme and build from there."

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

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