Job Analysis

Job Analysis

This module covers how to research who you need to recruit. It is the prerequisite step to planning your recruitment campaign and the first step towards your new employee starting employment.

Done correctly, job analysis forms the backbone of your entire recruitment campaign. Done poorly, job analysis can lead you down the incorrect path, ending in the hire of the wrong person for your job post.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Collate your job post's requirements

Create a Job Description and Job Specification

Know if your job analysis has been successful

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What you will learn

What job analysis is and why it is important

It is the first step in any great recruitment campaign, but what does it entail?

Where job analysis fits in the process

The documents that come from your job analysis flow throughout your recruitment campaign. Find out how.

Who is involved in job analysis

It is important to not only get input from the right people but to make sure you are asking them the right questions.

How to create Job Descriptions and Specifications

Job analysis can create a large amount of information, the good news is there is a clean cut method for collating your requirements.

The Bright team's tips

"After meeting with the departing employee and the hiring manager you can often be faced with a large quantity of information.

Sorting the information into two documents is a quick and easy way to collate everything in a clearly presented format. Your planning process will be much easier once this is completed."

"Often, when we first start working with a client they are surprised when they work out the number of recruitment campaigns that result in the wrong hire.

If your job analysis is conducted correctly then you can avoid this by detecting issues before you hire the wrong person. It really can be the difference between success and failure of your entire campaign."

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

Julie MacGiffin
Recruitment Account Manager

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