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Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding is focused on building engagement prior to a successful candidate starting with an organisation. It is concerned with setting expectations for both the employee and the organisation with regards to the initial few months of joining. At this stage, developing the future employee’s knowledge of your culture will strengthen their commitment through role clarity and self-efficacy.

Induction takes place once the successful candidate has started in their job post and is focused on introducing them to their duties, and the wider organisation, in a structured manner. It’s an important process for settling new employees into your organisation.

Both of the above mentioned can overlap depending on your organisation's requirements.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Create a best practice onboarding and induction plan

Design an employee handbook for new starters

Plan an impactful first day for new starters

As part of your enrolment to this course you have access to two consultations to help you implement all you have learned.

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What you will learn

How to define onboarding and induction for your organisation

Where does one end and one start? How long does each stage last for? This module breaks down the stages for each process.

What are the benefits of having a mentor scheme

To successfully induct a new starter requires input from a number of people. Mentors can be a highly effective way to provide a smooth induction experience.

What to add to your employee handbook to make it great

There is a lot of information to get across in an employee handbook. Getting it right can help put new starters at ease from day one. Find out what is essential for your employee handbook.

What a successful first day looks like to a new starter

It is important to get the first day for a new starter right. A poorly organised and chaotic start gives a bad impression and sets the new starter up on the wrong tracking.

Our team's top tips for this module

"The first day with a new organisation sticks with a new starter for weeks and even months.

A good experience can mean they become effective employees in a short space of time. However, a bad experience can mean that you are investing time and money into someone that will not be productive for a long time.

Both are important steps, but they are also rarely a priority for organisations. Getting these processes right can help you stand out from other organisations."

"Although often nervous most people will be excited to start in a new organisation. It is an intense period of time for the new starter and the team that they are joining.

It is disappointing for a new starter when they are met with poorly organised processes, a lack of the required equipment and no clarity on what needs to be done.

When onboarding and induction are done well, the impact they have on getting someone up and running quickly is amazing."

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

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