Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing

This module looks at how best to market your job vacancy. Whether this is through the more traditional medium of print or through a job board, there are a lot of points to consider.
Each method has a multitude of advantages and disadvantages. Making the right or wrong decision at this stage can be the difference between filling your job vacancy and not filling it.
At the end of this module you will be able to:

Select which recruitment marketing channels are right for your role

Give your current recruitment marketing a big boost

Create well structured recruitment adverts

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What you will learn

How to carry out great recruitment marketing

We have identified five quick and easy ways that you can boost your recruitment marketing with to get more success for your recruitment campaigns.

How to create successful job adverts

Find out what stages are involved in creating a great recruitment advert and use our job advert template to get started immediately.

How to select the right marketing channels

Find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of using Facebook, LinkedIn, job boards and print adverts. Allowing you to select the best options for your job post.

How to make the most of mobile optimised recruitment

The majority of job advert clicks happen on a mobile device. Find out how to make the most of mobile optimisation to attract more candidates to your job post.

Our team's top tips for this module

"Recruitment marketing has the opportunity to be one of the most exciting parts of the recruitment process. It is a chance to have fun, be exciting and show off your organisation.

The more interesting your recruitment marketing, the more people you will attract. Getting this stage right will provide you with a wealth of suitable candidates."

Julie MacGiffin
Recruitment Account Manager

"Marketing of any sort is an interesting topic. In the modern world there are so many different options for marketing that it can feel a little overwhelming at the beginning.

The best initial step is to consider your target audience. Are they active job seekers for example? Once you understand your audience everything else starts to fall into place."

Katie Wallace
Marketing Account Manager

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