Recruitment Planning

Planning your recruitment campaign

By this stage you should know what skills, experience and knowledge is required to perform well in the vacant job post.
Recruitment planning creates a bespoke recruitment process for your campaign, based solidly on your job post requirements.
At the end of this module you will be able to:

Set a clear goal to measure success by

Plan a successful recruitment campaign

Identify who your ultimate applicants are

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What you will learn

How to set a goal for your campaign

We provide you with insight into a goal setting model that can help you set out a clear objective for your recruitment campaign.

The overarching process

Find out what the overarching stages of the recruitment process are and what they comprise of.

Attracting high calibre candidates

The better you understand your ideal candidate's motivations, the more effective you will become at targeting them and attracting them to your job vacancies.

Who needs to be involved

Understanding who needs to be involved and at what stage will help you successfully plan your recruitment campaign so that it runs smoothly.

Our team's top tips for this module

"Planning recruitment campaigns each time seems an unnecessary hassle, especially when you are under time restraints. However, you easily gain back the time later on in the process when you are able to refer back to your recruitment plan.

No two recruitment campaigns are ever the same so it is well worth considering what your ideal recruitment campaign would look like and how you can achieve that ideal."

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

"As you progress through the module you will notice just how much there is to consider when you are planning your recruitment campaign.

If you need to get stuck in quickly because you are currently recruiting then jump to the topic called "Considering who will be involved in the recruitment process". Here, we included a Recruitment Plan template for you to use."

Julie MacGiffin
Recruitment Account Manager

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