The Offer Stage

The Offer Stage

Recruitment is often as much about selling your organisation to a candidate as it is about the candidate selling themselves to your organisation.
At the offer stage candidates must feel they are being offered a role with an organisation that values them and that aligns with their personal values.
Although it is one of the final stages of the recruitment process, the offer stage can instantly change the candidate's views and feelings about the organisation. Even when a good impression has been created during the earlier stages. 
All recruitment takes effort and it is important that the process does not fall down at the final hurdle.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Successfully communicate an offer

Negotiate with candidates on salary and benefits

Commence pre-employment checks

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What you will learn

How to communicate an offer

There are few key points within communicating an offer that are critical to a successful outcome. Find out how to compete with any other offers a candidate may have so that you come out on top.

How to construct an offer letter

Whilst an employment contract is often a fixed document there are a range of things that can go into an offer letter. Download our offer letter template to get up and running with offering candidates straight away.

What a smooth offer process looks like

Good organisation is vital when offering candidates. Start off a candidates journey to being a new starter with smooth pre-employment checks and by collecting the right documents first time.

What the advantages and disadvantages of probation periods are

Probation periods have a number of advantages and disadvantages for employers. Find out whether they are suitable for your organisation by understanding these advantages and disadvantages.

The Bright team's tips

"Recruitment can be a long and difficult process and it is important that it ends on a high note.

Often you will only have one candidate that is suitable for your job post so a lot rests on them accepting an offer.

The key to getting offers right, time and time again, is to be well prepared before speaking with the candidate."

"Many recruiters are great at making their organisation look attractive to candidates. This effort needs to not end at the offer stage so it is important that it is a carefully planned and organised process.

Always consider that a candidate may have another offer on the table and that, if this is your preferred candidate, you may have to fight for them."

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

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