The role of social media within recruitment Copy

The role of social media within recruitment

For any organisation looking to enhance their recruitment social media is a must. However, there are more platforms than ever before and the potential to damage an organisation's reputation can be great.

Knowing which social media is the most successful for a particular role is essential to finding and recruiting high quality candidates. From the top social media sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it is important to know what their benefits are to maximise return on investment.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Decide which social media platform to use for your job role

Get better results from each social media platform

Boost your job adverts with paid for advertising on social media

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What you will learn

How to make the most of Facebook

Whether you are using Facebook for free or looking to boost your posts there are a range of options open to you. Find out what will work well for your job posts.

What the advantages to using LinkedIn are

As the largest professional network in the world there is a wide range of potential for recruitment. Knowing what the disadvantages are is equally as important.

How to enhance social media recruitment

Find out what to focus on to quickly enhance the way you recruit on social media.

The role of Twitter within recruitment

Use well, Twitter can be a useful tool for recruiters. used incorrectly, it can be a drain on time and resources.


"Even when you regularly use social media to recruit it can be a daunting prospect to add it to a new recruitment campaign. Social media changes more regularly than most recruitment platforms and it is important to keep up to date with what these changes are.

Networking with other recruiters, speaking with your advertising agency and attending webinars will all help you to keep on top of updates to platforms."

"Social media has been incredibly successful for organisations looking to promote their products and services. It works in a very similar way for organisations look to promote their employer brand.

Mixing your recruitment with social media can be risky. Social media has a very wide range of people on it. However, when a strategy is in place, these risks can quite easily be reduced."

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

Katie Wallace
Marketing Account Manager

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