We will work with you with clarity and creativity to create a brand image that is right for your individual organisation or school. We will start by listening to your story and creating and developing ideas based on keywords and themes that come from you, your area of expertise and your vision for your future.

There are three main parts to developing your brand: the logo, the colours and the typefaces. This is how the process might look if you were to work with us.

The Logo

There are different kinds of logo and logo elements: monogram, wordmark, brand mark, mascots and emblems. We will work together with your organisation to develop the design and type of logo that will work best for you. When we recently redesigned our Bright logo, we knew we wanted a combination mark that communicated the company name clearly paired with an abstract brand mark that spoke of warmth, growth and creativity. What would you want your new logo to say about your organisation?


We will brainstorm keywords together, using various methods (imagery, colour wheels etc) to come up with some colour themes for your organisation’s palette. By looking at the colours separately from other design parts, we can ascertain a clearer feel of your organisation. By understanding what people associate with you, we can develop a strong feel for your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience.


Fonts communicate more than you might think. We have years of expertise in typography and will experiment with a number of varied typefaces before honing in on specific fonts and font treatments (small caps aren’t just for primary school children, stems aren’t just for flowers and spurs aren’t only for cowboys).


The Branding Process


We love to work collaboratively with our clients, we can’t make your vision a reality without fully understanding your viewpoint of your current situation and your future aspirations. With this is in mind, we will always take the time to discuss your organisation’s values and culture, how you wish to be portrayed and how you see that happening. We will also take into consideration your community and the best ways to engage them with your brand.

About You

It’s important to establish a clear understanding of you as an organisation, what you want to represent and who you want to attract. This will help to shape the future of your brand and reinforce the brand identity as you move forward. This can all sound quite overwhelming if it doesn’t come naturally to you but that’s what we’re here for. We will explain what we’re trying to establish and why, answering any and all of your questions as we go.

Some basic but often overlooked points of branding include things such as your vision for your brand, your mission (how will you achieve your vision) and your values. These become the framework from which everything else grows. 


Once this groundwork is clarified and understood, we then begin making a strategic plan for your brand, plotting out the stages involved in the process to make that happen, whether that be strategic, creative or anything else, we have the contacts to pull in all of the necessary resources required to successfully create your vision. 


We will communicate with you throughout the process, sharing ideas and concepts at each stage, enabling a streamlined and effective process, tweaking and realigning as we move forward.

Confidence and Pride

The finished product will be something that you can share with pride and discuss with confidence. You will know your brand inside out and most importantly; you will BELIEVE in your brand. 

If you’d love to have a brand you can shout about, find out how we can help by contacting us today.


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