What does a successful Campaign look like to you?

Something that makes your communication the talking point among your audience?

We will focus on your end goal, seeking to understand your aims in commissioning a campaign. That might be to announce some news, generate registrations for an event or to increase brand awareness. We will use impactful design and content to help you stand out and enable data capture for post-campaign follow ups and analysis.

We’ve got a secret

The secret to getting an outstanding return on your investment is in the strength of our process:

  • Firstly, we start with a detailed analysis of what the campaign aims to achieve.
    Our digital marketing campaigns always consider how they can positively impact building trust in your brand.
  • Secondly, this is followed by intuitive design and content creation to build something cohesive and effective, but also exciting.
    Messages are carefully poured over and audiences examined on an individual basis, to ensure we are targeting the right people in the right places, with the right messages.

  • Thirdly, once approved we will analyse the entire customer journey to make sure that it is simple, engaging and appropriate.
    The smoother the process the better the conversion rates from open to click-throughs.

Your campaign will end with a detailed report of key statistics which are benchmarked against the industry average, providing valuable data for this campaign and the next.


The Art of Digital Campaigns


We start with your goals.


We then craft the audience demographic to fit the exact brief.
This includes:

  • examining keywords
  • geography
  • interests
  • engagements


Once the digital creative has been completed and the campaign is running, we check each campaign on a daily basis. We do this to tweak and amend our targeting so that we not only meet your goals but often exceed them.

Bright's Campaign Average CTR:



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