Our process

Target audience analysis  

We work with you to identity your target audience and how best to reach them. We help to provide: 

  • detailed advice on which demographics to target.
  • key locations to target.
  • where to advertise in terms of websites and media.
  • best digital platforms for promotion.
  • tailored advice on how to increase brand visibility.

Competitor analysis  

Our aim is to get your brand and values noticed in a densely saturated market where competition between educational providers is high. We help you to pinpoint where your competitors advertise and which methods they use; by identifying areas your competitors have not advertised in or methods not yet considered, we can utilise these in your advertising strategy. 


Our Media buying strategy  

We create a bespoke multi-media approach for each of our clients to include the different channels identified in our analysis. 

This could be:

  • education print magazines
  • outdoor advertising 
  • cinema
  • pay-per-click campaigns
  • Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns
  • digital adverts
  • listing websites

Through analysis of demographics, reach and visibility, reputation and CTR (click-through-rate) where appropriate, we examine which of the media our client’s target audience visits and which would be best to use.  

We then work to your set budget to get the best return on investment. We will make recommendations for which media options you should allocate a bigger budget to, to achieve the best results. 

With over 20 years' experience in the education sector, we have well-established relationships with over 300 media suppliers and will negotiate the best prices and packages for you. We look to get the best positions and editorial contributions during the booking process. 

Campaign Management  

Each media booking is placed into a media schedule which you can access at any time. These are on shared project management platforms (Google Sheets and/or Monday.com) so that you have all the information you need in one place, including all bookings, deadlines, updates and everything relating to your advertising. 

With an inhouse designer, we create the artwork for each advertisement or if you submit your own, we send prompts for copy, approval and signoff on proofs. All copy we receive is proofread as standard practice to save you time. 

We project manage each client to make sure all of your media bookings are on track and signed off within the publication’s deadlines. We ensure the correct advertisements appear in the desired locations and track the progress and statistics for the campaign.  

For Bright’s pay per click and digital campaigns, we check regularly on their progress and tweak the targeting to get the best results and return of investment. Reports are produced per campaign for your reference. We analyse post campaign data on all our clients to see which worked best, enabling us to implement the best practice for future campaigns. 


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