Our experience in the education industry puts us in the best position to remove any ambiguity from your marketing and recruitment processes, providing you with a more time and cost-efficient system that will protect your brand and attract the right people to you, be those students or learners.


We have such a wide range of specialties and experience across the team and there is nothing we love more than putting our heads together to come up with an innovative solution for you.

Our team extends well beyond the walls of our offices in Hertfordshire with tried and tested videographers, job boards, digital experts and suppliers dotted regionally, nationally and even around the world. We work tirelessly to bring you the best results and if we don’t know the answer ourselves, we are confident we will know someone that does. That is why we can offer a full service.


Our vision is to be the most coveted partner for educational organisations seeking a full-service supplier in their recruitment, marketing and training initiatives. By delivering a diverse range of services, we support each of our clients in becoming an educational organisation of choice for learners and talented professionals.

We stay ahead of the digital trend to ensure that we are not just delivering transformational results for you but are also providing data that can help you to optimise your budget and marketing approach. This focus on staying at the forefront of marketing and recruitment technology will help you to recruit the best staff, increasing your admissions and promoting your organisation.

We imagine a world where the education sector no longer looks to more commercial sectors for inspiration but acts as a market leader in terms of best practice and marketing innovation.

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Passion for providing for personalised and tailored services, with proven efficacy and data-driven results. 
Care for our clients. We appreciate that everyone’s busy and stressed, we’re here to help and take that pressure off.
Integrity - we will always act with integrity, offering the most fitting and beneficial advice to our clients, with the intention of building solid foundations for long-term relationships.

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Where it began…

Bright Advertising was founded in 2000. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, schools required a more professional approach to advertising and recruitment. To do this, it was important for them to receive the best advice, expert negotiation and a fast, efficient service.

Bright Advertising was set up by Wendy Cash, who was focused on offering an unsurpassed recruitment and advertising service to UK schools. The agency grew quickly and before long, educational bodies, trusts and school groups were turning to Bright’s services too.

Over the years there were challenges as advertising mediums changed and evolved and competition grew, but the team always embraced hard work and kept at the forefront of best advertising methods. Not only the schools, but the media liked working with Bright. An ethos of ‘working fairly with all’ won Bright an excellent reputation.

Bright had become, and is still today, an exceptional educational advertising agency. It is a very friendly and happy company with a ‘family’ atmosphere. 

How it’s going…

In 2019 the business was taken over by our current Managing Director, James Digby.

James brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from a range of sectors, helping to widen the horizon of opportunities for Bright and our clients.

A change of leadership, combined with a global pandemic, led to a number of changes. These changes included a new logo, a new website and the shortening of the name to simply “Bright”.

Whilst the original ethos of Bright remains strong, there is now a renewed buzz of excitement for the future of the education sector and the evolving role that Bright can play in that. As technology develops and data becomes more user-friendly and accessible, the opportunities to push the previously perceived boundaries of marketing in the education sector are plentiful. We are here to take those opportunities and turn them into wins for you, our clients.


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