We are an experienced and agile advertising agency, offering support to educational organisations looking to maintain or improve their employer brand reputation. We enable successful and efficient recruitment of the right staff into the right roles and provide any training that our clients might require.

If you are an educational organisation in the UK then our service will always be the same price, or cheaper, than going direct to job boards.

“Cambridge Assessment have used the services of Bright for over 7-8 years. They are approachable, helpful, and genuine. There is never the 'hard-sell'. Their collaborative approach makes them an extension of our in-house team, focused on getting us the best service and value.”

Angela Jukes,
Talent Acquisition Lead,
Cambridge Assessment

“Bright is a trusted partner of Cranleigh School. We've worked with them over many years on our print buying and digital media campaigns. Their team of friendly experts always goes the extra mile to get us value for money, extra editorial and photos”

Jody Cooksley,
Head of External Relations, Cranleigh 

“The staff at Bright are always very quick to respond, continue to liaise until ads have been given full approval, and place them promptly and accurately. If anything ever needs adjusting once an ad has gone online, they are also quick to act.”

Gillian Gallagher,
Office Manager, St Pauls School

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Apart from saving time and money, what do you get when you purchase your recruitment media via Bright?

The value added

Improve your own skills

eLearning training
1-2-1 training

Don’t go it alone

Data led recommendations

Advice when you need it

Sector specific input

Sector updates

Updates on education sector trends

Easily keep up with best practice

Updates on recruitment trends, resources, and regular tips & tricks

Software advice

Let someone else do the research on which platform is best

The core

Brand protection

Proof reading of each job advert

Checking of each job title

Content review for each job advert

Improved efficiency

Trend spotting

Bulk buying of credits

Advice on where to advertise

Not repeating the same mistakes as other clients

Data led decisions

Supplier management

Negotiating discounts

Resolving issues

Handling of complaints

Administrative work

Advert posting

Media purchasing

Campaign management

Reporting on campaign results

Market Intelligence

Advice based on 20 years of experience

Data led decisions based on 2,673 job adverts

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