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Coffee, Cake and Calculations

I qualified as a primary school teacher in London fifteen years ago. My teaching practice took place in schools in Brixton and Croydon, although this was a very challenging environment for a student teacher it gave me an excellent basis for working in many different schools; teaching children from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

I worked in Bristol for a while, again, in a very deprived area. I remember on one occasion most of my class was late into school. When I asked them what had happened, they said that someone had been knifed in their block of flats and the police were interviewing the residents, therefore it was tricky for the children to get to school on time. 

On my first day, as a newly qualified teacher I walked into the staff and was asked, by one of the older members of staff, which class I had, when I told her she said "Good luck. They've gone completely feral." And with that my career as a primary school teacher began.

Several schools and house moves later, I found myself working in Hertfordshire, where I spent nine very happy years. Of course there were challenges, things I liked, disliked, education policies I agreed with and disagreed. However, I had wonderful colleagues, fabulous children and many, many rewarding, not to mention very funny experiences. 

As well as being as teacher, I am the mother of 3 young children. Teaching and having young children is something that is difficult to juggle. I had wanted my own business for a long time, and felt that if I was based at home it would be much easier for me to look after my young family. So, after a great deal of thought and research, I set up my own company Additions Tutoring. My company offers one to one and group tuition both face to face (when we can!) and online. 

In January I set up Coffee, Cake and Calculations which helps parents to understand the curriculum and have an insight into what happens in the primary school classroom.

If you have any questions about the curriculum, primary school teaching or the Bright Teacher blog, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


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