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Happy New Year!

Maybe it’s a teacher thing, but September always seems like a clean sweep for me, even more so than the New Year in January.

Perhaps having a clear out, tidy up / new eating or exercise regime is even more cathartic this year. The children have, at last, gone back to school, thus ridding my house of trails of Lego (much like a plastic version of Hansel and Gretel) clothes scattered across every room, Sylvanian families behind the sofa etc etc so I am doing my best to try and get some sort of order back into the house.

That’s my New Year’s resolution - to live a more organised life. Hmmm that sounds rather a tall order and certainly doesn’t fall into the SMART acronym that we are encouraged to give to our children! So partly because this target isn’t very SMART (but mainly because, as with many acronyms, I can’t actually remember what SMART stands for) I have decided to work along the lines of “Small change, big impact” catchy eh? And you don’t even need to remember what each letter stands for!

This idea was really brought home to me this weekend when I read an article written by a teacher, in which she was lamenting the amount of paperwork that has to be done in school. Not just that but the meetings that happen to implement said paperwork. She wrote, “and the worst thing is, I work so hard, doing all these things I’m asked to do, and yet I see so little impact”.

Hence….small change, big impact!

Firstly, our morning routine has already taken on a calmer atmosphere with the brilliant addition of a basket by the front door. Yep, as simple as it sounds this has been a game changer. Almost, without fail every week day at least one of my children had lost at least one school shoe and this was making us late…so, now I have put a basket by the door and the moment the children come home from school, shoes come off and straight into the basket until the morning – simple but extremely effective!

I am now working on the many folders and documents scattered throughout my computer and ordering in helpful, easy to use folders and sub folders.

Thirdly, I’m doing my best to meal plan then buy all the ingredients for the meals in our weekly shop. Already, life feels a lot more organised, chicken in black bean sauce tonight!

As I have made these little changes, 4 months before the traditional raft of wellbeing resolutions, I might use January to reassess. With any luck, the shoe basket will still be by the door, my documents folder will do even the most ardent Marie Kondo convert proud, and meal planning will be well and truly be part of our week.

Here’s hoping……!

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