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How Microsoft Teams helps us everyday

Microsoft Teams is our hub for collaborative work, giving us a feel of office life whilst that’s not currently possible. As we’re a bubbly and chatty office, we find Teams is helpful for keeping in contact with everyone and lets us work collaboratively whilst at home.

Here are some of my favourite features:

Audio and video calls

Whether you are scheduling a team meeting or a one on one call with a colleague, this can be set up quickly on Teams. The calendar merges with your Outlook to prevent you booking a meeting when you’re already busy.

You can easily share your screen during a call to work on a project together or present a PowerPoint presentation. Calls can be set up with people outside your organisation which is ideal for virtual client meetings.

Group projects

Have you ever struggled to find all the information shared for a group project? Teams helps to streamline projects in one place.

A group project can be set up as its own ‘team’. Each ‘team’ has a file upload section and an instant chatroom. The upload section is really useful as project ideas and documents can be stored in one secure place for everyone to access. The chatroom can be used to share how the project is progressing in real time, increasing projectivity.

Often in group projects, team members are split into subgroups to work on a specific task. Teams is great for coordinating this, as separate chat channels for each subgroup can be created under the main ‘team’. This stops the main chatroom becoming clogged with information not relevant to you.

Instant messaging

I find I use the instant messaging feature the most on Teams. Chatting in real time enables you to connect with your colleagues, sharing ideas and helping each other out as you would in the office. You can ping over the document you are working on and edit it together or quickly share important information you have received. It is a great way for communicating efficiently whilst working remotely.


Teams uses two-factor authentication, so you feel at ease storing your project’s confidential files and hosting team meetings. These files are stored in your work’s Sharepoint, so there is no way you are losing them, and the files are encrypted.

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