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How to write a successful editorial

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

No idea is truly original. Find an idea and make it your own, make it better, make it the winner.

In a world focused on recycling every last yogurt pot (and rightly so), the copywriter is tasked with finding a new and innovative stance for every single project. But essentially, there are tools within your armoury (pencil case) that can help you be super productive and churn out editorial for your school that is engaging and stands out from the crowd.

Here are our five top tips on writing smashing editorial copy for your organisation to keep your brand at the top of its game:

1. Have a catchy title

Offer the magazine a great strapline for your editorial, as let’s face it, your organisation is full of educated people and no one knows the place better than you. The media may use it, or it might spark something even better, showcasing your school.

2. Be interesting

The worst and yet best advice ever. Find your unique selling point and then get creative around this with a wonderful niche story that really targets your demographic and inspires parents to visit your Open Day.

3. Apple or orange?

Know your place in the market. Make sure all the copywriting aligns to this – whether that is a wonderful recycled fashion show, like our friends over at St Christopher School in Letchworth, or a fantastic set of events for young explorers, hosted at Cranleigh Preparatory School – these all set the tone for how your school is perceived in the public eye.

4. Statistics

Use your strongest copy first and last with a memorable (correct) figure thrown in somewhere for good measure– many readers love and remember a good old fashioned stat.

5. Call to action

Make sure you have a simple and strong call to action asking your audience to engage further with your brand. Contact us now to learn more on 01763 849977.

Bright understands the daily trials and tribulations of marketing in education and can relieve the pressure for you. No, we are not a spa or mindfulness centre, but we have great media relationships to secure the best possible dates and spaces for your adverts and editorial. We also secure the best prices and are often able to negotiate the editorial for free alongside your advert. With our included proof-reading service, you can rest assured there are no spectacularly disastrous typos, destroying your brand in one foul swoop.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you at

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