Covering the following key areas:

Are you looking to improve how recruitment runs in your organisation but unsure where to start? Our recruitment benchmarking projects are geared to helping you quickly identify quick wins and long term recruitment goals.

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We know that accurate assessment of your own recruitment function can be difficult and believe that, as a third party, we are well placed to objectively assess and recommend.

We impassion the organisations we work with to aim for market-leading recruitment rather than a simple improvement on your current status. We do this by taking guidance from a range of sectors, recruiters and recent experience. We understand that recruitment benchmarking could influence the coming five years of recruitment strategy for you and for this reason we dig deeper where we need to, so we are completely confident in our recommendations.

Our recruitment benchmarking covers

Getting the basics right

Application forms

Where to advertise

Grouping of job types

Recruitment metrics

How to measure success

Goal setting

Small changes and quick wins

Recruitment strategy

Wider strategy

North star metrics

Measuring success

Diversity & Inclusion

Where to start

Hybrid and flexible working

Job adverts

Employer branding

LinkedIn and Social Media

Your employer brand reach

Understanding where you find talent