How do we approach Recruitment Benchmarking?

We know that accurate assessment of your own recruitment function can be difficult and believe that, as a third party, we are well placed to objectively assess and recommend.

We impassion the organisations we work with to aim for market-leading recruitment rather than a simple improvement on your current status. We do this by taking guidance from a range of sectors, recruiters and recent experience. We understand that recruitment benchmarking could influence the coming five years of recruitment strategy for you and for this reason we dig deeper where we need to, so we are completely confident in our recommendations.

Our recruitment benchmarking service

Kaizen is a business concept that focuses on the continuous improvement of working practices, in particular the efficiency of an organisation. It is a concept that we take to the very core of our recruitment benchmarking process.

The end of the project for us is not the end of improvement, often it is just the beginning. A project always commences with a detailed assessment of your current recruitment process, a comparison against the recruitment best practice and finally the creation of an action plan. Once it has been refined through consultants, we then support you along your path to being a market-leading recruitment function.

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