What do we mean by cultural fit?

We advise that you recruit for the culture you want to create, which is not necessarily the culture you have. We are 100% committed to ensuring that organisations use cultural fit recruitment to consider people they would not normally consider, rather than ruling people out because they are not a mirror image of current employees. Carried out correctly, we feel that this process can play a large part in making an organisation successful.

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Our cultural fit review process

We use a combination of surveys and interviews, to start gathering two key sets of information: your current culture and the culture you are aiming for.

Throughout the process we are fully aware that including a candidate’s personality within the assessment and selection stages needs to be done correctly. Our process includes training clients to ensure they are not recruiting on gut instinct but on an applicant’s true abilities. The final step of the process is to produce a bespoke hiring guide with the organisation’s core values, how these manifest in the work environment and how to spot them in the recruitment process.


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