How does the managed service help?


Bright's managed recruitment service is aimed at helping as many educational organisations as possible to become an employer of choice for talented professionals.

What are the benefits of being an employer of choice?

Higher retention rates

Not only is it expensive to replace employees it is also disruptive to your organisation. It makes complete sense to retain your talented staff, but it is often easier said than done. Being an employer of choice requires improvements to an organisation, both internal and external, but it is well worth the effort.

Improved productivity

Research shows that happy employees are more productive than unhappy ones. Being an employer of choice often means taking an employee-first approach, which in turn will help an organisation to operate in the most effective way possible.

Improved workplace culture

Employers of choice have higher engagement levels from their employees, and this creates an environment in which collaboration and productivity thrive. This also helps improve retention levels.

Top talent comes to you

Being an employer of choice means that you have a competitive advantage over the organisations you compete with for talent. Not only that but top performing professionals will start to approach you about career opportunities, reducing your workload, recruitment costs and also improving your organisation.


What does the Bright recruitment managed service include?

Boosted application figures

  • Data led advice on what job title to use on your advert to ensure the best results
  • Bright checks each advert one week into it being live so that we can make sure you are getting the required views and applications
  • Advice on your recruitment strategy, including tips and tricks from the wider sector and a range of other sectors
  • The accurate completion of all fields that sit behind your job advert, ensuring it is shown to the most appropriate candidates
  • As soon as your advert has been made live Bright will share the link with you, allowing you to quickly share it on Social Media if this is appropriate
  • Using our marketing knowledge, Bright will review your advert from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view, helping you to gain more views.

Brand improvement

  • Bright’s marketing team will create a fully branded candidate pack template each year, helping you keep on top of the current recruitment marketing trends
  • Each year we will review and recommend improvements for your career website pages
  • Bright will create an EVP (Employer Value Proposition) statement to help you position your organisation in the most accurate and engaging way. This statement can then be easily used on each job advert

Brand protection

  • Proof reading of each job advert we receive from you, this includes the checking of spelling, grammar, syntax and context
  • Bright will check your advert for any gender bias, such as the use of he/she or known words that unfairly encourage/discourage one particular gender
  • Content checking will be undertaken on all job adverts to ensure the right job title has been used and all the relevant pieces of information are included, such as the closing date of the job advert

Recruitment function improvement

  • 1-2-1 training on LinkedIn to help you improve both your organisation’s and your own profile on LinkedIn
  • A detailed online course that provides a step-by-step guide to enhancing your recruitment function, from job analysis through to the use of recruitment metrics
  • A whole range of templates, guides and examples for a number of different recruitment process steps
  • Support throughout the year on any topic you require help with
    Supplier management

With each role being unique, we partner with a wide range of suppliers to get the best location for each. These include:

  • TES
  • eTeach
  • FE Jobs
  • TotalJobs
  • Reed
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Over 200 other Job Boards
  • A range of local press
  • Specialist publications

We also have a lot of experience of using social media for recruitment and would be happy to speak to you about how it can play a crucial role within your recruitment strategy.

The process

Prior to recruitment marketing taking place, we advise our clients on which locations would work best for that particular role. This will include:

  • The different options for each location.
  • The cost for those options.
  • Key statistics, such as expected views and application figures.
  • Pricing
  • Our pricing structure is simple, our prices either match the price you would get by going direct, or they beat it.

Next steps
Bright would love to hear about your recruitment goals and discuss how we could help support and develop them for optimum results.  To find out more please fill out the contact form below to arrange an initial conversation.

What kind of support does Bright provide?

Our support is often best placed at the start of the recruitment process where we can apply our extensive experience in the education sector to provide insight on what has worked best on the thousands of campaigns before yours. Based on this we can advise on where best to advertise, choice of job title, how to recruit and length of process. For this reason, we can avoid having to run the same campaign twice.


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