Showcase your school for recruitment

Whether candidates come directly to your website specifically looking for an opportunity to start their career, or seek a promotion with you having, or course, heard about your good reputation – or have found you from your advert on an external job board, it’s important to draw them in and keep them interested and to show them that your school is THE PLACE to work.

Can candidates find your vacancies?

First of all, make sure that your current opportunities are easy to find. Consider having a heading or button on your home page, rather than a difficult to locate drop-down menu. This is important as your candidate will also be checking other local schools within the area who are offering a similar role.

Are you mobile optimised?

This, coupled with the high percentage of people now searching on their mobile phones ipads, etc, means they need to see things quickly and clearly. Visibility is paramount to cut down the amount of drop-off in the application process.

Want to make your School the Employer of Choice?

Added value - have you sold your school?

Now that your candidate has found the current vacancies page, it is good to make sure you have a great landing page, showcasing your beautiful school and its grounds, maybe a new building or sports field you are particularly proud of, even a recent event.

Think like a candidate

You’ve caught their eye, so intrigue them further by setting out all the reasons they should join your team: List the benefits, training opportunities, career progression, what your school does to promote and protect their well-being. Maybe include some testimonials from current staff members extolling the virtues of joining your team.

Use rich-media

Videos are a great way to bring this to life. Maybe even one or two from happy pupils – all of these things give potential employees a really good overview of the environment they could be working in. That they will want to work in. Now that you have aroused their interest and they can visualise themselves in your classroom, they will want to find out all about the job.

Split mass information out into attachments

Again, remembering to make it easy for them to apply, do include all the relevant information, as downloadable documents: Job Description, Person Specification, more information about the relevant department, so that they can get a really good feel for the facilities and the environment they will be working in.

Secure the best people for your organisation

Not forgetting the all-important application form, which, now that they are armed with a wealth of knowledge and a good feeling for your school, they will be all too keen to fill in and submit. Whilst this is your window into seeing how well they will fit into your school, it should not be too long and complicated to fill in. Having got them to this point in their job search journey, it would be great to secure a fantastic array of potential candidates, ready for final decision. Make your school recruitment page a great stepping stone to jumping on board with you!

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