Standing out from the crowd

Here at Bright we have been pinpointing what a recruitment and marketing agency needs to offer a school to get them to stand out from the crowd and attract a large pool of candidates with which to hire from…

Not a bright wig, funny hat and big glasses – NO.

At Bright we can achieve all the above without the stress of the humiliation of dressing up.

We are unique service providers, with 19 years' of experience recruiting a strong hire for your school in an increasingly difficult time to find the right candidate.

Every day at Bright, we look for and research the best places to advertise a whole range of roles for schools - Maintenance staff, Heads of Departments, English Teachers, Head Teachers - the list is limitless. We think “outside of the box” and base our ideas on statistics when suggesting the best media in which to place your roles. We negotiate the best prices to achieve the best results for you and the needs of your particular school.

Just call to have a chat with any of the team on 01763 849977.

We are passionate about what we do.


"There are currently 506,400 full-time teachers in the UK. 216,500 work in primary schools, 208,300 work in secondary schools, 61,500 work in independent schools and 16,700 work in special schools." [www.besa.org]

Nothing is too much trouble for the Bright team when it comes to making the recruitment advertising process easy for you.

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