How to interpret your recruitment marketing data

Understanding what your recruitment marketing data is telling you

Successful recruitment marketing can be measured in a range of ways. For the Hiring Manager it might be having a certain number of people to interview, whereas for the Finance Manger it might be a good return on budgetary investment.

What is important is that you consider a range of statistics to understand which parts of the recruitment process have been successful and which haven't.

At the recruitment marketing stage there are three main results you should look out for:

The ratio of applications to views

If you have a high number of advert views but not many click throughs to apply, this may mean that your advert content is not engaging enough for candidates. Potential applicants are clicking through to find out more information but something is putting them off. It may also mean that your job title is attracting the wrong types of people to your advert.

Solution: Improve you advert quality and review whether your job title matches with your job post requirements.

High click through rates but low applications

If your data shows a high conversion from views to apply clicks, but you don't have many applications in your system, then this is likely to be because your application process is too complex or long.

Candidates are clicking to apply but the process is too difficult for them to want to continue applying. A long or complex process is particularly off putting to passive candidates.

Solution: Consider using any one click apply options you may have or a shorter application form. If possible, provide applicants with multiple ways to apply, for example, via an application form or with a CV upload.

High impressions but a low number advert views

This is very common when the keywords within the advert have not been chosen correctly. It can also come from incorrect details being added to information behind the advert on a job board.

In short, the advert is being shown to the wrong people because the search algorithms are misunderstanding what the job post is about. No matter how large the number of impressions are, the people reading the summary of the role are not suitable and therefore are not clicking through to learn more about the job post.

Solution: Look at the wording of your adverts, especially the wording in the opening paragraphs. Make sure you are repeating the right words and are not focusing on words that people do not use in their search for a job. Check the job category and any job matches if you are advertising your role on a job board. 

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