Tailoring candidate sourcing to your goals​

Deciding where to source your candidates from

Different methods are better or worse for different audiences. By considering what your target audience is you will be able to adjust your approach and have a much better success rate.

If you are unsure which method would work best for your recruitment campaign, the remainder of this module focuses on helping you select the right methods.

The table below shows some examples of how you could adjust your sourcing methods for different recruitment goals.

Recruit a Science Teacher

Use websites with teaching resources, such as the TES, to target teachers based on their specialties and the age groups they teach.

Recruit more women in tech

Use websites such as Mumsnet to contact people within a particular demographic.

Recruit a Ground Maintenance Technician

Use specialist websites such as Pitchcare.com to target individuals within a particular speciality.

Recruit 3 Senior Java Developers

Use websites such as Stack Overflow to approach people with particular technical skills. 

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