The free options for candidate sourcing​

Six free options for candidate sourcing

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Social media

An organisation can use networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to identify and interact with potential candidates.

Paid for options allow you to boost the reach of your adverts, but you can also use these platforms to recruit for free.

LinkedIn: Join professional groups and network with potential candidates with a standard profile. This requires you to have first grown your personal network. 

Facebook: It is possible to post job adverts for your organisation for free. However, their reach will be limited to your organisation's Facebook network. 

Twitter: Make lists of potential candidates and follow industry-relevant hashtags to identify and contact potential candidates for free.

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Recruitment fairs

Recruitment events help you meet potential candidates in person.  Participating in job fairs often comes with a fee, but due to the high numbers of candidates you meet it is often very cost effective.

It is even possible to recruit using this method for little to no cost by hosting your own in-house events. With this method you invite potential candidates to your office so that they can meet with your teams and recruiters.

You should consider attending and hosting events related to the industry you are recruiting for as this will make your success rate significantly higher.

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It is a good idea to ask your organisation's employees to refer people who qualify for your vacant posts.  Employee referrals are known to reduce the time-to-hire for a role and can increase retention rates as referrals tend to be a better fit for the organisation. 

Aside from using this as a free option, some employers also pay a referral bonus to employees that successfully refer applicants.

It is also possible to use this method with external referrals, although the level of success will be significantly lower than for internal referrals.

Apart from financial reward, some organisations provide alternative rewards for referrals, such as extra holiday allowances.

Talent pools

Talent pools are databases of potential job candidates that you have sourced from past applicants or from active sourcing methods.

Past applicants are likely to be interested in future job openings within your organisation which gives you a pool of already engaged candidates. Many candidates in your talent pool are likely to have gone through some screening which means talent pools are typically made up of suitably qualified candidates.

it is important to abide by GDPR regulations around storing an individual's data. Usually, talent pool platforms will have GDPR rules built in, but it is essential that you configure them correctly so that you are not breaking the law.

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Job boards

Job boards give employers access to candidates’ profiles, including CV’s, career histories and contact details. Some job boards have extensive CV databases that you can buy a package to usebut many include access for free when you purchase advertising from them or via an advertising agency.

The great thing about CV databases is that they tend to be made up of predominately active job seekers. This makes engaging candidates significantly easier.

If you are unsure whether a CV database would be suitable for your organisation you may want to request a free trial from your preferred job board. This will allow you to see whether it contains the types of candidates you require.

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Employer branding

Organisations that have the strongest employer brands will become Employers of Choice for candidates. An Employer of Choice is an employer that candidates will pick over another organisation that is recruiting for a similar role.

Very simply, if you are a good employer candidates will want to work for you. This is the best way to source candidates for free

strong employer brand encourages candidates to consider a job opportunity when you reach out to them and to regularly check what roles you are recruiting for. It significantly boosts your chance of filling a job vacancy and will reduce your cost per hire at the same time.

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