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A multi-channel community campaign to connecting users

There are two options with Facebook for positing paid for recruitment adverts.

Firstly, a “boosted” Facebook recruitment job advert. This is the more basic advertising on Facebook. Organisations pay to widen the reach of the selected post published on their timeline meaning that the advert doesn't just go out to their followers.

To “boost” the Facebook recruitment job advert post, simply click the Boost Post button below the post. To do this the organisation needs to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. This enables the organisation to pay for the boosting of the role.

The second type of Facebook recruitment job adverts would be to use the “targeting” option. The targeting option lets you select location, age, education, interests and a range of other criteria.

Job analysis is particularly important for this option because it is essential that the recruiter fully understands what type of candidate they are looking to target with their advert. Most organisations use location and keywords to recruit with this option but to use it well it is important to consider exactly the type of people you want to apply for your job post. This process is also done through the Facebook Ads Manager account​

These types of paid for Facebook adverts also come with a relevance score. The higher the relevance score the more cost effective the advert has been. The relevance score shows you the attention the advert has had using statistics such as likes, shares and clicks. This provides you will useful information to assess your return on investment.

How to boost your job advert

Go to your Facebook Page​

  1. Find the job post you want to boost within the organisations Facebook feed
  2. Select Boost Post. You can find it in the bottom-right corner of your post
  3. Fill in the details for your advert. Facebook will automatically use images and text from your post, but you will need to update a number of options
  4. Audience: Choose a recommended audience or create a new audience based on specific traits​
  5. Total Budget: Select a recommended budget or provide a custom budget​
  6. Duration: Select one of the suggested time frames or provide a specific end date​
  7. Payment Method: Review your payment method​
  8. When you're done, select Boost
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