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Job analysis is the start of your journey to hiring a new employee

Job analysis is understanding what you need to recruit for, before you start your recruitment campaign. Research shows that roughly 74% of recruitment campaigns result in hiring the wrong person for the job post, job analysis can stop this happening at your organisation.

It is quite common for recruiters to find themselves only briefly focusing on this step, or cutting it out completely. This is often because those recruiting feel that replacing a member of staff simply requires replacing like for like.

When an employee leaves or a new role is created it is an excellent chance to consider what you need.

Our tips before you start

"It is often easier to start from scratch rather than re-using a previous document or job analysis. This way you can approach your recruitment campaign with a fresh approach.

You can always compare them at the end of your job analysis to see how they differ."

"If you don't currently have a post to recruit for then carry out a job analysis on a recent role.

Compare the Job Description, Job Specification and hired candidate with your trial job analysis to see how they differ."

James Digby
Managing Director of Bright

Beverley Hardy
Recruitment Manager

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