Why create a video for your educational organisation?

Videos are a versatile way to market your organisation to potential customers and talented candidates. They provide people with a quick and easy way to understand what makes your organisation great.

Additionally, marketing and recruitment videos are useful because they:

  • Have a great conversation rate, when linked with a call to action they can increase your responses by up to 80%
  • Can boost the SEO on your website significantly
  • Help you build trust and credibility within your target audience
  • Are very versatile, they work well on many platforms, from Facebook to your website
  • Spread easily because people are more likely to share them

A Bright case study

Recently Bright worked with a local group of schools, the Federation of Barley and Barkway first schools, to help them produce a virtual tour of their school. We often work with clients around the world so having the opportunity to work with a local client was a rare, but nice, opportunity.

Barley/Barkway School

The reaction from parents has been amazing and the feedback from all involved has been really positive. Our client feedback that:

“We were very impressed with the videographer who luckily for us had oodles of patience”

The Bright approach to videography

We love how useful a strong video can be in boosting brand reach and employer brand reach. When more of the right people are aware of a client then their lives get that little bit easier. Our approach to making videos is one of patience and care because we understand how being recorded can be quite an intense experience.

Each of the videos we create for clients are impactful, fun and professional.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of events each month
  • 2 hosts per event
  • 2 free graphics to promote your events each month
  • 6 hours of recording for each event
  • HD quality
  • Questions and answers
  • Streaming to Facebook and YouTube
  • Multi language experience
  • Unlimited training on the platform
  • Tips and tricks for presenting during a webinar
  • Creation of a fully branded registration page

Why Use Bright’s Service Over Other Platforms?

Bright has put together a virtual open day with the following points in mind:

  • To provide a fully guided/supported service for optimum performance
  • To be GDPR compliant
  • To be fully branded
  • To collect useful, and bespoke, registration information
  • To be secure
  • To be easy to use and highly functional

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