Key Features

  • Unlimited number of events each month
  • 2 hosts per event
  • 2 free graphics to promote your events each month
  • 6 hours of recording for each event
  • HD quality
  • Questions and answers
  • Streaming to Facebook and YouTube
  • Multi language experience
  • Unlimited training on the platform
  • Tips and tricks for presenting during a webinar
  • Creation of a fully branded registration page

The Components of a Bright Virtual Open Day

  1. Full training for all stakeholders on how to use the platform.
  2. Promotion: a diverse range of digital marketing channels to promote the event.
  3. A bespoke, fully branded registration page.
  4. Webinar: a live webinar with Questions and Answers.
  5. A waiting room with information about the event and the hosts.
  6. The follow up: to all those who attended to keep them engaged

Why Use Bright’s Service Over Other Platforms?

Bright has put together a virtual open day with the following points in mind:

  • To provide a fully guided/supported service for optimum performance
  • To be GDPR compliant
  • To be fully branded
  • To collect useful, and bespoke, registration information
  • To be secure
  • To be easy to use and highly functional

What do our users say?

We have used Bright's platform regularly since the first lock-down. Through it we have delivered a series of targeted virtual events, enabling many hundreds of families to experience our school in a year where on-site attendance of Open Events has not been possible.
Families are able to hear from the Head and a panel of staff, watch presentations and videos, and have all of their questions answered in a live environment.
Parent feedback has been exceptional, with many stating that this has been the best virtual experience they have had. From the school’s perspective the technology has been easy to use and slick from end to end, and it has played an important role in a very successful year for student recruitment.


All our packages include unlimited Virtual Open Days per month.

Length of agreement

Price per month (not incl VAT)

1-3 months


4-6 months


7-12 months


12 months +


Event Promotion By Bright

How does it work?  Bright defines the target audience based on a range of factors and our experience in running multiple campaigns. The adverts are then promoted strictly to that audience making our campaigns incredibly cost effective.

Which platforms do we use?  We would recommend Facebook and Google Ads but are able to run campaigns across all platforms.

How much money to spend?  Bright tends to recommend two campaigns, one on Facebook and one on Google Ads, with a spend of £500 for each. Bright also charges £100 per campaign and manages the entire campaign on a daily basis and sponsorship costs depending on the requirements.

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